5 Worst Problems Avoided by Regular Teeth Cleaning


Having your teeth professionally cleaned regularly goes a long way in keeping your teeth and overall health vibrant and bright. While brushing and flossing your teeth yourself is very important, it’s not enough! Only professional cleanings are able to remove all of the soft plaque and tartar buildup that can damage teeth and gums, and only professional eyes are trained to spot possible problems, such as cavities, before they become serious.

Here are our top 5 reasons we know that professional and regular teeth cleanings are important for your teeth.

1. Prevents tooth decay

The regular removal of soft plaque and tartar buildup prevents this from building up and hardening on your teeth. Plaque is the sticky colorless film that forms around the edges of your teeth near the gums. This bacteria-laden film makes way for cavities and gum disease, increases chances of early tooth decay, and can cause other various tooth problems.

Additionally, as your dentist cleans your teeth, he will check each tooth sequentially to make sure that any broken or chipped teeth, possible cavities, root canal problems, and tooth staining are dealt with right away.

2. Prevent gum disease

Gum disease (periodontal disease) is a bacterial infection caused by plaque buildup. The bacteria laden film produces toxins that irritate the gums and can cause inflammation or gingivitis (a disease characterized by inflammation of the gums). If the bacteria are not removed and the inflammation continues, the gum tissues can be badly and sometimes irreversibly damaged.

3. Prevent halitosis

Halitosis is better known as ‘bad breath’. This is caused primarily by poor oral hygiene. As the teeth are not cared for, periodontal disease, bacteria coatings on the surface of the tongue, food stuck between the teeth, oral carcinomas and even throat infections may occur. Regular teeth cleanings are essential to ensure that your oral hygiene doesn’t leave any room for bad breath.

4. Have a brighter smile

Coffee, tea, smoking, and even some medications can cause tooth staining and discoloration. Fortunately, if caught early on, these stains are only on the surface of your teeth. While you won’t be able to remove the stains with a simple brushing, the cleaning and polishing process performed by your dentist can! Keep your smile bright and white by having regular dental appointments.

5. Maintain better overall health

Mounting evidence has shown that regular dental visits have been attributed to helping a persons overall health. Recent research has indicated that there may be a link between increased risk for heart disease and stroke to gum disease. Because of this, many professionals are recommending that regular cleanings, every six months, could possibly reduce your overall risk of health disease and help your immune system stay strong, in addition to keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

What Happens During a Tooth Cleaning?

During the cleaning process, your dental professional will do several things. Firstly, tartar and plaque will be removed with a variety of scraping tools. This process is called scaling.

Once your teeth have been scaled, they will be polished. This procedure usually involves a gritty flavored paste being ground against the teeth with a specialized tool. This process does not hurt, and instead, it helps to remove surface stains and ensure that your smile is bright.

Finally, the dentist will have your teeth flossed. This will make sure that the areas between your teeth are clean and free from any particles that could cause bacteria.

Throughout the cleaning process, your dentist will also visually examine each tooth and your gums. They will also perform a head and neck evaluation, check your bite, and the movement of your lower jaw joints.

Your Part In Staying Healthy

Of course, you know that every dentist makes sure to stress the importance of good oral maintenance at home. Everyone should brush and floss their teeth at least twice daily, or following each meal. Soda and high sugar foods and candies are best avoided, as these contribute to the development of cavities.

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is very important. Together, you and your dentist can ensure that you have a bright beautiful smile for years to come! Schedule your appointment with Dr. Grindall today.ToothCleaningMukilteoFamilyDentistry