Some of our recent testimonials for our trusted Mukilteo Dentist care.

"I have been with Mukilteo Family Dentistry since I was a child. They always have exceptionable service and attentive, friendly staff. I had two missing eye teeth and it was easy to choose Dr. Grindall to create the new porcelain teeth. He coordinated with my orthodontist and periodontist (even around my school schedule) to make sure that I had a successful surgery. After surgery, Dr. Grindall matched the color and fit of my new teeth excellently, and now no one can guess that my eye teeth are false. I recommend Mukilteo Family Dentistry because of my success and because of their significant care of the individual."
Denise Crawford, Mukilteo, WA
“Prior to returning to the Seattle area after being away for twelve years, Dr. Grindall serviced my family’s dentistry needs for nearly twenty years. Today people often ask me, “why do you drive all the way from Redmond to Mukilteo to see a dentist when there are many dentists close to where you live?” The answer is simple, Dr. Grindall really cares about his patients and provides consistent quality care. He is trustworthy and honest seeking to do those things that really require a dentist’s attention both preventative and corrective.

Dr. Grindall is focused on providing solutions for my specific circumstances and in getting it right the first time, every time. Dr. Grindall’s staff is a compliment and reflection of what he puts into practice daily. When dental issues have arisen that required a specialist like a recent implant I had done, Dr. Grindall’s recommendation was excellent! Dr. Grindall is an outstanding dentist that I would recommend to anyone.”

Mike Sheldon, Redmond, WA